The Conversations that Led Up to the Live Events

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Integral Living Room #1:
Bringing it All Back Home — Integral We-Space

Oct 31-Nov 3, 2013

  • The Boston Bombings—Let’s Talk About It
    Recorded: 4.18.2013
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  • Privacy VS Transparency — Diane, Terry & Jeff Blow Their Cover!
    Recorded 6.20.2013
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  • The Shooting of Trayvon Martin: A Difficult Conversation
    Recorded: 7.25.2013
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  • The Evolution of the Integral We-Space: A Conversation with Ken Wilber
    Recorded: 7.27.2013
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  • The Evolutionary Impulse of “WE”
    Recorded: 8.22.2013
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  • We Need To Talk
    Recorded: 9.25.2013
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  • What Is It We’re Longing For? Preparing For The Gathering
    Recorded 10.8.2013
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Integral Living Room #2:
A Deeper Dive into 2nd Person

May 22-25, 2014


Integral Living Room #3:
Cosmos to Kosmos: An Exploration of 3rd Person

Oct 9-12, 2014

  • Cosmos to Kosmos: Episode 3 and Pattern Recognition
    Recorded: 7.3.2014
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  • There’s Nothing Above My Shoulders But Cosmic Wonder!
    Recorded: 8.7.2014
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  • Is a New God Emerging?
    Recorded: 9.4.2014
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  • A Higher Level Conversation
    Recorded: 9.29.2014
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      Integral Living Room #4:
      Subtle Energy and a Trans-Rational Soul Initiation

      Oct 29-Nov 2, 2015

      • Subtle Energy, the Soul & Life Purpose
        Recorded: 01.29.15
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      • A Discussion of Subtle Energy
        Recorded: 4.9.15
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      • Magical thinking vs Real Psychic Phenomena
        Recorded: 07.13.2015
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      • Spiritual Bypass of the Soul? With Ken Wilber
        Recorded: 09.23.2015
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      Integral Living Room #5:
      Integral Practice with Death and Dying

      Nov 10-13, 2016


      Integral Living Room #6:
      “A Shout from the Heart” Integral Activism

      Nov 9-12, 2017

      • What is Integral Activism
        Recorded: 3.16.2017
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      • Integral Takes on Trump
        Recorded: 5.25.2017
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      • Scale, Complexity, Polarization, and Depth
        Recorded: 7.20.2017
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      • Integral Activism Engages the Human Collective
        Recorded: 10.3.2017
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