We had a blast getting to know you at the Living Room.

We’re integrating everything from an amazing weekend and already looking forward to the next one. Let’s keep learning, connecting and deepening the grooves of the 2nd tier we-space we’re creating.

You’ll be hearing from us soon to resume the conversation via our monthly community calls, and we really hope you can join us.

Photos by Brett Walker

Diane Hamilton and Ken Wilber preparing for a great conversation.

Diane Musho Hamilton, Terry Patten, Jeff Salzman. There was a lot of laughter!

Circling up on our final night, before the lounge and the dancing begin.

Getting to know each other in dyads, AKA integral speed-dating.

Terry Patten, Diane Musho Hamilton and Jeff Salzman. The morning sessions gave a direction for the day.

Jesse Reilly from Australia took care of the sound. Alyssa Morin from Boulder was our DJ.

Jeff, Diane and Terry.

Rebecca Colwell of Nova Scotia giving us some visual representation.

Jeff is asking Ole Vadum Dahl from Denmark to share a Danish word that he taught to Terry Patten; hygge. Often translated as “cozy”, it is really the concept of creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with the good people around you.

Diane Musho Hamilton of Two Arrows Zen and Rebecca Ejo Colwell of Ten Directions.

The graceful Diane Hamilton, master facilitator, giving directions for the dyads.

The lovely and talented Julia Kanro Sati, chef, administrator for Two Arrows Zen and assistant to Diane Musho Hamilton.

In the foreground, Roshana Ariel from Kansas and Sashi Gollub from Boulder.

Diane Musho Hamilton.

Jeff Salzman leading the group in toning the room…

…and making funny faces…

Diane, Terry and Jeff wanted to cap attendance at approximately seventy participants to keep the gathering intimate. All told, there was about eighty-five people in the room.

“‘Row, row, row your boat’ is probably one of the most enlightened songs ever written,” Jeff, leading us in song.

Terry Patten, Alyssa Morin and Diane Musho Hamilton. In this exercise we stood behind our chairs and embodied our “higher” selves to ask and answer some interesting questions.

Diane is about to rile us up into different factions — not easy to do with a room full of  “true but partial” integralists.

Brooke Gessay McNamara, with little Lundin in the pouch, Terry, Diane, Rob McNamara and Jeff. Brooke and Rob showed up each day to help us with some embodiment.

Brooke, Terry, Diane, Rob and Jeff.

Little Lundin McNamara, the newest edition to the family, and Mom (Brooke).

Sashi, Alyssa and Diane, fawning.

“If God invited you to a party and said everyone in the ballroom tonight will be my special guest. How would you then treat them when you arrived? Indeed! Indeed! And Hafiz knows there is no one in this world who is not upon His jeweled dance floor.” ~Hafiz

Sashi Gollub and Trent Berry showing us how it’s done.

Left to right: Julia Sati, Diane Hamilton and Rebecca Colwell.

Diane Musho Hamilton will be curating the next Integral Living Room this October.

Gabriel Wilson and Christine Doan.

Some groups were cause for laughter, some for tears, and always the heart is opened.

“True Love, my dear/Is putting an ironclad grip upon/The soft, swollen balls/Of a Divine Rogue Elephant/And not having the good fortune to Die.” ~Hafiz

Ken Wilber getting ready to speak to the gathering about our evolution in all quadrants. The drive toward more goodness, truth, and beauty is apparently intrinsic to emergence itself, and wresting Darwin’s legacy from the scientific materialists is our work.

“Let’s welcome the man that changed your life,” said Diane.

Ken taking questions from the audience.

Diane Hamilton and Ken Wilber.

Ken Wilber talking to participants.

Steven Elliott paying his respects to Ken Wilber.

The distinguished Danish contingent, from right: Gisli Magnusson, Ole Vadum Dahl, and Steen Degn (with camera). Ole is a celebrated teacher in Denmark and has devoted his life to helping people unfold their potential. Gisli has translated many of Ken Wilber’s books into Danish. “He is not merely a tradesman,” said Ole, “he is an artist.”

Ken Wilber comes in, camera phones come out.

The chapel room could pretty much turn into a dance floor at any given time…

…like this…

…or this…

…and this…

Rob McNamara facilitating some bomb embodiment.

The three assistants, from left: Brett Walker (assistant to Jeff Salzman), Julia Sati (assistant to Diane Hamilton) and Rebecca Baum (assistant to Terry Patten).

In the foreground, left to right, Gabe Wilson and Steven Elliott saying goodbye, or perhaps “until next time…”

Another big circle, which became an interesting exercise in chaos and individual expression.

Randall McCaleb giving some generous pours during the Lounge.

Sharona Fein talking to Terry Patten at the lounge.

From left, Christine Doan, Clark Potter and Lori Sandler.

From left, Leila Bruno and Lynda St. Dennis.

From left, Cameron Bandari and David DiGioia.

From left, Gabriel Wilson, Barbara Kinney and Jeff Salzman.

There were many small groups and opportunities to dive deep with people — too deep for some people’s comfort, yet not quite deep enough for others. The gathering will continue to evolve.

Going within, together. Some people have suggested that they would like a bit more unstructured time to interact with people.

Leila Bruno, speaking, with Julia Sati and Sashi Gollub.

Sarah Marshank, with a powerful message from the feminine.

“This is Boulder. A group hug is compulsory.” Jeff Salzman in center.

Christine Doan and Caleb Foster.

Saying goodbye. A “three hug minimum.”

Massages all around, from left: Kimberley Nozick, Rob McNamara and Sashi Gollub.

4 Responses to “The Integral Living Room in Pictures”
  1. Mary Linda


    These pictures take me back to the beautiful experience of being together with so many amazing souls creating our We space.

    Thank you….blessing.

    • Brett

      Thanks Mary Linda! It was fun to capture.

  2. Julia Sati

    Brett, you awesomely beautiful soul… thank you for capturing in pictures, and your exquisite words, the subtle grooves of Kosmic possibility that etched meaning into every moment. Love you dearly. J

    • Brett

      Thank you Julia 🙂