This month’s Integral Living Room community call with Diane, Terry and Jeff turned out to  be a meta-conversation: a conversation about conversation, a living we-space practice where what we talk about is a little less important than how we talk about it.

So what are the qualities of conversation at an integral altitude? Integral we-spaces are characterized by a communion that allows us to be creative and spontaneous…a light and easy flow between perspectives…a deep satisfaction of being more fully seen, and of seeing others more fully.

Everyone we meet in the integral world is longing for community. It may only be three or four percent of people in the world who have regular, stable access to an integral consciousness. Sometimes it gets lonely. That’s part of what we have to deal with as integralists.

Many of us go on meditation retreats to grow; to learn the competency of solitude and to cultivate our spirituality. How many of us go away to experience a community as a spiritual practice, to intentionally mix it up with others?

That’s what the Integral Living Room is about. We’re really looking forward to the event itself in Boulder this fall (Oct 31 – Nov 3). In the meantime even a virtual connection like this conference call is a rare and wonderful opportunity to treat conversation as a practice; to participate in a dialectic — deepened by oneness and enlivened by differentiation.

Some people have profound awakenings, others may just walk away a little less critical, a bit more curious. But no one is left unchanged.

We’re really excited to be exploring what it feels like to create a second tier space and invite you into it. We’re in a time and place where we can draw on a wealth of interpersonal practices. The “we” itself is an entity that can learn — it needs to learn. It has an evolutionary impulse of its own and it’s bigger than any of us.

It is our sense that we are cooperatively opening into something greater.

The Evolutionary Impulse of “WE”
Recorded 8.22.2013


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