Recorded May 25, 2017

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Integral Takes on Trump

Can Integral consciousness help us navigate the stormy era of Trump?

The theme of this year’s Living Room is Integral Activism (see previous post). While activism can take many forms, in this podcast we focus on developing a more integrally-informed approach to President Trump and his supporters.

As we scan the political landscape we can clearly see the responses to the rise of Trump by the three primary worldviews that are currently dominant in American culture:

We see that the traditionalist (Amber altitude) response is to support him. Traditionalists (social conservatives) are deeply motivated by Trump’s rhetoric bashing modernist globalism and postmodern political correctness.

We see that the modernist (Orange altitude) response is to resist his autocratic tendencies with investigations into his potential malfeasance and judicial blocking of his executive orders. Modernist Republicans in Congress are holding their fire (and noses) in hopes of passing their agenda of tax cuts and conservative reform.

The postmodern (Green altitude) response to President Trump is … well, revulsion. Green liberals are repelled by both his personality and his policies. They see him as an autocratic buffoon who is a danger to the country and world, and who must be resisted at every turn.

So what is the integral (Teal and Turquoise altitudes) response to Trump? Is there a way of integrating the “pieces of the truth” that each of the previous stages hold?

For instance:

  • How might we support Trump (or at least Trump’s people) as well as be part of the Resistance?
  • How and when do we tune in and tune out to the ongoing drama?
  • How do we talk – and listen – to our loved ones and friends? Can we move the conversation beyond tired left/right tribalism?
  • How can a developmental view help to keep us from getting stuck in confusion and upset? What other integral insights support our involvement in the political process.

And how do we hold it all in the context of a greater unfolding of innate perfection?

In this podcast Diane, Terry and Jeff each share how they are making sense of this bizarre moment in history. Plus we hear from members of the Living Room community in an enlightening “popcorn round” where a wisdom arises out of the many perspectives shared. We hope you enjoy the call and are inspired to develop a worldview that is more friendly, flexible — and effective! — in our challenging new era of Trump.