The Integral Living Room in Pictures

We had a blast getting to know you at the Living Room.

We’re integrating everything from an amazing weekend and already looking forward to the next one. Let’s keep learning, connecting and deepening the grooves of the 2nd tier we-space we’re creating.

You’ll be hearing from us soon to resume the conversation via our monthly community calls, and we really hope you can join us.

Photos by Brett Walker

Diane Hamilton and Ken Wilber preparing for a great conversation.

Diane Musho Hamilton, Terry Patten, Jeff Salzman. There was a lot of laughter!

Circling up on our final night, before the lounge and the dancing begin.

Getting to know each other in dyads, AKA integral speed-dating.

Terry Patten, Diane Musho Hamilton and Jeff Salzman. The morning sessions gave a direction for the day.

Jesse Reilly from Australia took care of the sound. Alyssa Morin from Boulder was our DJ.

Jeff, Diane and Terry.

Rebecca Colwell of Nova Scotia giving us some visual representation.

Jeff is asking Ole Vadum Dahl from Denmark to share a Danish word that he taught to Terry Patten; hygge. Often translated as “cozy”, it is really the concept of creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with the good people around you.

Diane Musho Hamilton of Two Arrows Zen and Rebecca Ejo Colwell of Ten Directions.

The graceful Diane Hamilton, master facilitator, giving directions for the dyads.

The lovely and talented Julia Kanro Sati, chef, administrator for Two Arrows Zen and assistant to Diane Musho Hamilton.

In the foreground, Roshana Ariel from Kansas and Sashi Gollub from Boulder.

Diane Musho Hamilton.

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Darwin on Love as an Engine of Evolution

EVOL-ution Stencil Art work by KrieBeL (source on flickr)

On this community call, recorded a week before the May 2014 Living Room gathers in Boulder, Terry and Jeff share some reflections about the Integral European Conference in Budapest, from which they had just returned. They both confirm that, once again, the best part of being together is just hanging out with the tribe, meeting like-minded people, sharing, learning, listening, seeing and being seen.

Creating 2nd tier “we-space” is a powerful end in itself and it is the animating theme of the Living Room —  getting together just for the sake of it. As Terry said, “Here we are refining the art of hanging out, and we’re doing it in such an improvisational and playful way with so much collaborative spirit. It really feels like we’re contributing to something that’s pushing the envelope and helping everyone.”

At integral consciousness we see that we are evolving beings in an evolving cosmos. That new insight alone calls forth a new consideration of everything. That’s why it’s so stimulating and potent to get people together who have this worldview.

The central focus of this community call revolves around an excerpt from a conversation that Di, Terry and Jeff had with Ken Wilber in which he talks about bringing the heart of Charles Darwin back online; essentially rescuing him from the scientific materialists. He specifically cites the work of David Loye, author of Darwin’s Lost Theory, in which Loye demonstrates that Darwin talked much, much more about the power of love and cooperation than than he talked about the notion of survival of the fittest.  It’s a powerful new thesis on Darwin’s legacy that provides a theoretical basis for the practice of intentional whole-person evolution.

David Loye was himself on the call with us, and he was overjoyed to hear this conversation taking place out in the world. As he said:

Darwin had a helluva battle to establish the principles of natural selection and variation, but beyond that he could see into the future, he could comprehend the life force in a holistic and integral way that had been denied everyone else prior to him. Other, earlier thinkers saw parts of it, but Darwin was a persistent guy. He got hold of the big picture, and what is exciting is that here we are, roughly 120 years after The Descent of Man was published, and at last there is a group forming on this planet, under the integral umbrella, backed up by and drawing upon the genius of Ken, where Darwin was hoping to encourage people to go. It’s a very exciting experience.

Listen here.

Darwin on Love as an Engine of Evolution
Recorded 5.16.2014