Privacy, Transparency, and the Case of the Malfunctioning Mute Button

shutterstock_100976287_PRIVACY-TRANSPARENCY_smallWhat happens when a spiritual teacher gets caught with her pants down? Using the toilet, that is… when she’s supposed be on a conference call and she thinks nobody’s listening?

Diane Hamilton found out the hard (and funny) way during our latest Integral Living Room call, which, coincidentally enough, just happened to be about “Privacy and Transparency.” In case we were taking the subject too seriously, the Kosmos decided to play a little joke on us in the guise of a mute button malfunction. Hear for yourself!

Nonetheless, the topic of our recent conversation is one that many have been taking very seriously lately, with good reason. The question is: What’s the appropriate balance, in a democratic (and hopefully evolving) society, between what others (especially the government and corporations) can know about us, and what we’re able and allowed to keep to ourselves?

In an age of terrorism, cyber-threats, international intrigue, and apparent conspiracy, how much privacy are we (and should we be) willing to give up for our safety? How much is too much? And what does the very debate say about who are, and who we’re becoming, in a brave new world that includes massive surveillance, drones, super-computers… and bad mute buttons?

All joking aside, we think you’ll enjoy this thought-provoking call exploring these complex issues from an integral perspective. Our little technical snafu only illustrated the questions that much more humorously and immediately… but the entire call is well worth your listen.

Privacy VS Transparency — Diane, Terry & Jeff Blow Their Cover!
Recorded 6.20.2013

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